Christmas Shirts For a Festive Holiday Season

Bridget Reed
Tue Nov 02, 2021

Christmas Shirts For a Festive Holiday Season

Christmas is an incredibly special time of year, and there are many wonderful events and activities to look forward to with loved ones. That means you’ll want to have the right outfits and accessories for all occasions, so you and your kids can really celebrate the season right. 

Christmas is also a great time to make memories, which is just another reason why you’ll want to dress the kids up. The pictures are sure to be as fun and adorable as your family.

PixieLane has the pieces, outfits, and fashion inspiration you can make the most of all year long. Our clothes are designed to be worn, which means they’re comfortable, easy to clean, and fun to match. And we have lots of great picks for you and your little ones to check out this holiday season.  

What Are the Most Festive Christmas Shirts? 

If you’re looking for versatile, matching, and really fun pieces for the holiday season, there’s nothing better than the festive Christmas shirt. After all, Christmas is the most festive holiday of the whole year, right?

You have many great options to pick from, depending on your next event or occasion, and dressing for the holidays can sometimes feel overwhelming because of that. But don’t worry. 

Here are a few of our favorite festive Christmas shirts that are sure to be a hit at parties and events.

Graphic T-Shirts

When you want to be festive but comfortable, the graphic t-shirt is the perfect option. Graphic t-shirts are casual, which makes them a great pick for events and activities where you need increased mobility and ease of motion.

You don’t even need a special event in order to wear a festive graphic tee. Grab a few to enjoy all season or all December long when you go shopping or out to the movies. Cute and comfy graphic Christmas tees are a great way to embrace the Christmas season without breaking the bank.

They’re easy to elevate, as well. If you want to wear a festive graphic tee to the family photoshoot or a school concert, you can. Pair it with a comfortable sweater or blazer, add in your favorite shoes and jewelry, and tie your hair up or style it loose.

Fashion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to be cool, fun, and festive. And, of course, you have lots of great kids’ graphic tee options to pick from this holiday, so the next family photoshoot is sure to stand out.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly sweater parties have grown in popularity over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re a chance to be silly and creative and still enjoy the spirit of the holiday. They can take some of the pressure off of holiday parties because you don’t need to worry about picking out the perfect polished and chic holiday outfit.

There are many great ugly Christmas sweaters available from online boutiques and your favorite shops, but you can make your own, as well. Pick up a classic sweater from the thrift shop and your favorite holiday pieces like bows, tinsel, and Christmas lights.

Then, attach them in your own way. Style your funny sweater up like Santa Claus or Rudolph to get a laugh every time. You can even make cute and fun matching ugly Christmas sweaters for the whole family.

It’s always a good idea to check with the host of an event before you wear an ugly sweater. After all, you want to stand out for all the right reasons this holiday season.

Soft Holiday Loungewear

When it comes to staying comfortable and warm all holiday season, holiday loungewear just can’t be beat. Loungewear is a great way to look chic and stylish for more casual events.

You can stay stylish without worrying about keeping up with your little ones or cooking Christmas dinner without making a mess. (Reindeer apron, anyone?) Loungewear allows for a full range of motion, which is important for busy moms on the go. Plus, it’s guaranteed to keep you warm on even the coldest of winter days.

If you’re looking to take holiday photos with the whole family, then loungewear is a great option. There are many cute matching sets that kids and parents alike are sure to enjoy, and the final photos are sure to be festive and adorable. They even make for great gifts on Christmas Eve.

Mommy and Me Christmas Tees

And loungewear isn’t your only option when it comes to matching with the kids this holiday season. You also have fun and festive Mommy and Me outfits that are perfect for sharing your favorite looks with the little ones. Find matching shirts in all of your favorite Christmas color schemes. Add in matching elf hats to really keep the matching theme going.

Matching Christmas t-shirts also make for great gifts for your favorite ladies and their families. Check them out as graphic tees, sweaters, shirts with long-sleeves, or hoodies this December, and share a special moment with your loved ones.

Christmas Trees and Christmas Tees

This holiday, capture that festive Christmas spirit with adorable outfits, shirts, and pieces that your friends and family are sure to love. It’s easy to dress up for the holidays while still enjoying warmth and comfort, with exciting Christmas t-shirts, like graphic tees, loungewear, and ugly sweaters.

You can even share cute matching Mommy and Me sets with friends all season long. And all these cute outfits and family-friendly holiday sets are perfect for the next holiday photoshoot.

Find the holiday pieces you love and a whole lot more here at PixieLane. We carry a wide selection of clothing for all occasions, as well as the style guides that will help you put together some really great looks for some really fantastic memories. 



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