Beach Outfits: Looking Cute at the Beach

Bridget Reed
Fri Jan 14, 2022

Beach Outfits: Looking Cute at the Beach

What’s better than a day at the beach with friends and loved ones? There’s so much to do on a beach adventure, like swimming in the waves, enjoying delicious food and drinks, playing sports, and a whole lot more. And the right outfit can make all the difference. No matter what your style might be, there’s a beach outfit to fit your needs, and you can add it to your summer wardrobe today.

Looking for styles for your toddlers, tweens, teens, and fellow parents? 

PixieLane has just the thing: We carry a wide collection of pieces for every occasion, from the classroom to the next great family road trip. You’ll find the perfect beach-ready clothes right here at our shop, with guides and tools for designing summer outfits the whole family is sure to love.

What Should I Wear to the Beach?

It’s important to pick out the right beach outfit for your lifestyle and adventuring needs. Not only will mobility and comfort allow you to stay out with friends all day long, but you’ll also be able to protect yourself from too much sun exposure with the right pieces and accessories.

Discover a few of our top picks for beach outfit staples:

Bathing Suits

Bathing suits have evolved and changed a lot since they were first invented more than one hundred years ago. That means you have lots of amazing bathing suit options to pick from when it comes to styles, colors, patterns, and fits. One-piece swimsuits are well-suited for athletic events and activities because they have less drag in the water, and you always know they’ll stay in place.

You can also pick from tankinis, bikinis, and everything in between. With two-piece sets, you can mix and match the top and bottom pieces to create a whole new look. You should feel comfortable and confident on every beach day, so explore your bathing suit options and find the best looks for your personal style and preferences.

Board Shorts

One great way to move easily between water and land and to provide more coverage if you prefer modesty at the beach is with a pair of board shorts. Board shorts are a little longer than traditional swim trunks and can be worn around the beach and into local establishments more easily than a regular bathing suit.

While board shorts are more commonly worn by men, many women will also wear them to get a little more coverage and protection on those hot days.

V-Neck Cover-Ups

Another way to get that important protection from the elements, beyond sunscreen, hats, and umbrellas, is with a cover-up. There are many different cover-up styles and looks to pick from, but we love a V-neck. It still gives you plenty of protection on those hot days, but it helps to keep you cool.

Most cover-ups are made with light, breathable material and won’t take up much space in your bag, which means you can toss them into your beach day kit and pull them out when you really need them.

Terry Shorts

We love a multi-purpose piece, and terry shorts definitely do the job. You won’t have to wait for your skin to dry after you come out of the ocean before you pull on your shorts or dress. Terry shorts are made with the same comfortable and absorbent material as your favorite towels, so they’ll help you to get dry as quickly as possible.

Terry shorts are also extremely comfortable and lightweight, which makes them an ideal option for those really hot summer days. Explore your color and pattern options and pick out your favorite terry short looks for the next beach trip.  

What Beach Styles Are Trending Now?

Beach styles are always changing, and you can find your favorite pieces in lots of fun colors and styles. Embrace the latest in the best new beach style trends with some of these patterns and color combinations.

Black Tie-Dye

Tie-dye definitely has beach vibes written all over it, but if you want to make more of a fashion statement on your next beach trip, consider shirts or shorts in black tie-dye.

Typically, this is done in a reverse method, using bleach on black shirts to create a unique and contrasting design. The black and white contrast is bold and stylish, but you’ll still be embracing beach culture and style in your own way.

Colorful Tie-Dye

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classics—and colorful tie-dye is a classic for a reason. You can find tie-dye in a wide variety of color combinations, patterns, and styles. And if you don’t like the looks you find, you can even make your own right at home with the whole family. 

Explore tie-dye shirts, shorts, dresses, and accessories, and add a cool vintage vibe for your next beach day outing. Don’t forget to add your favorite retro accessories and sunglasses for a complete beach day look.

Rainbow Stripes

Beach days are meant to be festive and exciting, and what’s more celebratory than rainbows? We love a nod to the classics, and stripes have been a staple of swimsuits and beach designs for decades.

You can go bold with bright and exciting stripes that really make the outfit. Or, embrace subtle and charming rainbow stripes on your shorts, shoes, or shirts. You can’t go wrong with a little extra color and sunshine at the beach.


And while we’re all about the sunshine, there’s something special about ocean patterns and looks. That’s why we love a marble design, particularly in shades of blue or green. Marble patterns are chic and stylish.

The pattern often feels like it’s moving or changing, which makes it a fantastic choice for busy families on exciting beach days. You can find marble outfits and swimwear pieces that will make you and your loved ones that much more excited to splash and swim in the waves.

Fun in the Sun and Sand

Beach days are perfect for families. They’re a way to spend time with loved ones and make memories the kids will never forget. Build sandcastles, jump in the waves, visit the boardwalk, and a whole lot more. Whatever your next beach adventure might hold, there’s an outfit to match.

Explore beach outfit ideas and styles like board shorts, swimsuits, terry shorts, and more. And you can find your favorite pieces in a wide range of patterns and styles, like tie-dye, black tie-dye, marble, and stripes. It’s all part of creating the ultimate beach day outfit.

And PixieLane is here to help you every step of the way. We’re dedicated to matching families with the perfect look for every occasion. That’s why we carry a growing collection of pieces for everyone from toddlers to tweens to teens—to mom and dad!

Who says you shouldn’t look just as cute on your next beach day? We also have lifestyle guides and resources that will help you to create gorgeous looks for every occasion. So, whether you are looking to add to your summer wardrobe or just looking for some tips on the perfect party, we have all the tips and tricks that parents need.  



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