Summer Outfits To Get You Into Vacation Mode

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

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Everyone loves to walk into summer with their perfect summer outfits lined up, ready for vacation time. You pile up all of your flip-flops, sandals, and favorite summer outfits into your suitcase. Then, you hit the road, ready to show off your favorite fashion brands on all your beach days.

PixieLane gives you all the exclusive offers, summer fashion inspiration, and a variety of summer outfit ideas to take on that summer heat in style.

Which Summer Outfits Should I Buy This Year?

Summer outfits range from the super classic shorts and a tee-shirt to daring dresses and hats that turn heads. Summer is all about self-expression, especially for kids who might be out of school. Likewise, with the melting of snow and warm, long days, kids don’t have to be bundled under countless jackets and scarves.

Summer fashion isn’t just for the park and backyard swingset: There are endless adorable jumpsuits and rompers that fit your night out during your beach vacation. Add some accessories and strappy sandals, and you can turn day-time casual into nighttime dinner attire.

The combinations and varieties for the perfect summer wardrobe are limitless. Take a look at our picks for the ultimate destination for all your go-to summer outfits. 

Jumpsuits and Rompers

We have a complete collection of jumpsuits and rompers for all ages. From comfort to fashion, this iconic silhouette covers it all. If you are looking for a simple ensemble, throw on one of our jumpsuits or rompers and experience the freedom that this ensemble can give. 


Every beach vacation and pool outing needs the perfect cover-up to go with your bikini. Coverups can make the best fashion statement when you arrive on the scene. 

If you are looking for comfort and style, try relaxed dresses, shorts, and shirts that can work as cover-ups that can transform any look.

Bathing Suits

When it comes to summer outfits, some people live in a bathing suit. Whether you are from a beach town or love to visit the local pool, you are going to want to complete your summer wardrobe with some of your favorite bathing suits.

Pick out your favorite flattering colors and styles, match them with sandals, and arrive at the best summer stops looking as trendy as ever.


There are many must-haves for summer fashion. Skirts can’t be forgotten on this list. Try a long, flowy skirt with fun prints or a short jean skirt and a plain tank top. Either way, your summer outfit wardrobe needs some of your favorite skirt choices.


There are few summer trends that have stayed in style like how shorts have. Shorts come in a wide variety of options. Shorts are so practical, but they can also be stylish and comfy. Try a French tuck with your shirt or long robe to fancy up your favorite pair of shorts.  

Your summer outfit stack needs several pairs of shorts. There is no simpler option than throwing on a pair of shorts over your bikini bottoms and hitting the beach. For the evening, you can even find a nicer pair of white denim and pair it with a cute top to complete your classic evening look.

Vacation Dresses

Everyone needs a good variety of summer dresses on vacation. Dresses don’t need to just be for formal dinners. Dresses are part of everyday living, including playing at the park, running errands, and just relaxing on your patio. 

Add a cute dress to your vacation outfit pile and tackle your summer in style. 

Where Should I Wear My New Summer ‘Fits?

Your new summer outfits can be worn everywhere you go! If you have the perfect fourth of July planned, consider your classic summer tee with a pair of jean shorts and sneakers. You will feel comfortable and cool as you watch fireworks with your family. 

There are so many perfect summer vacations to prepare your outfits for. It is important to consider all the possible options and map out your trendiest outfits accordingly.

Vacation Dinners

Summer vacations consist of relaxation, recreation, heat waves, and usually a bit of adventure. But what about your evenings out? You want to have the perfect evening attire. It doesn’t have to be extremely fancy, but getting a complete look with your summer outfit is sure to make you feel confident when you walk out the door.

Pool Parties

Nothing sounds more like summer than a pool party. Whether it's you and your friends, or a kid’s birthday party, you’re going to want to come prepared with the best summer outfits. 

When dressing for the pool, make sure that you (and your kiddos) are being safe as well as stylish. Items like hats, sunglasses, and lightweight clothes are key to warding off those dangerous UV rays.   

Backyard BBQs

Backyard BBQs have a classic summer vibe. If you are struggling with what to wear and how to wear it, you can’t go wrong with the classics: plaid is basically a BBQ fashion requirement. This is also a great time to let a fun and wild print shine. With many options for comfort and summer styles, you are sure to find the exact look you want for a backyard BBQ. 

Simply pick out a cute tee, your favorite summer shorts, some white sneakers or flip flops, and enjoy your summer evening eating your favorite summer foods. 

The Beach

When you think of summer, don’t you think of the beach? At the start of every summer, most people start to plan their beach vacations if they haven’t already. You want to make sure you have the perfect bikini or bathing suit, cover up, sunglasses, and flip flops to match. And don’t forget what you might wear if you go out at night. 

Summer’s Super Styles

All of your summer styles, inspiration, and fashion sense can be created with PixieLane. As moms, we know that the perfect summer outfit is key to a fun, safe, and relaxing vacation. So whether you are packing your bags for a long trip or filling up the kiddie pool in your backyard, there’s never been a better time to treasure those warm summer adventures.



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