What To Wear To a Banquet

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

What To Wear To a Banquet

If you love fashion and fine dining, attending a banquet can be a unique and exciting experience. It’s the chance to showcase your style, wear elevated pieces, and accessorize in ways you otherwise might not try.

PixieLane is here to help you find the perfect outfit for your next banquet experience. We carry a wide range of clothes and accessories for all those special events and activities, from casual days out with the family to formal banquet celebrations.

Pick out the perfect look with the support of our expert team today.

What Is a Banquet?

There are many different types of banquets and reasons a banquet might be hosted, but traditionally a banquet is a formal feast or fine dining event. They are usually held for a reason, either in celebration of individual achievement or as a way to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Banquets can also be an opportunity for community members to spend time together and is often a chance to network or catch up with old acquaintances.

Common Dress Codes Explained

When you are invited to a banquet, the dress code will be listed on the invitation or shared by the host. While there are many ways to make formal banquet attire really mesh with your personal style, it’s essential to follow the dress code as it’s written. This will show respect to the host and the event and ensure you feel confident all evening long.

Dress codes range from casual attire to semi-formal to black tie. They feature everything in between, which is why you always want to check into the required dress code when planning the perfect outfit.

For a casual dress code, you can wear nice jeans and t-shirts or sweaters. Business casual and informal styles require jackets and button-downs. Cocktail attire falls between casual and formal, which is why the dresses are often shorter, but the materials are more elegant. With formal attire, you’ll want to wear longer and more tailored pieces for women and several-piece suits with elegant dress shoes for men.

Black tie optional means you can take your formal dress to the next level with elegant accessories or more extravagant gowns, but you don’t have to. If the dress code on the invitation simply says black tie, it is a formal event and requires black tie clothing like an evening gown, dark suit, or tuxedo.

Banquet Clothing for Girls

When it comes to the perfect banquet clothing for girls, you want to make sure the outfit is stylish and comfortable, as well as fitting to the dress code.

These are a few options to pick from:


Dresses are a classic banquet option for a reason. There are many options and styles to pick from, which means your little one can find a look she really loves. They’re still comfortable, with plenty of range of movement, but she’ll look elegant and polished for the occasion.


Another good option for little ones at banquets is a skirt. They’re elegant and stylish, like dresses, but they can be mixed and matched with a wide range of tops for a versatile and comfortable look.

On cooler days, skirts and dresses can be paired with leggings to keep her warm. Leggings are typically warmer than tights, which is a huge help for banquets held around the holiday season.


Skorts are a great option because they allow your girls to dance and play without worrying about comfort or mobility. They combine the best elements of skirts and leggings for a cute and stylish look that’s perfect for the next banquet or celebration.

Jumpsuits vs. Velvet Jumpsuits

Say hello to the new evening dress! Jumpsuits are similar to dresses in that the top and bottom pieces are connected, which gives them an elevated and stylish appearance for special events.

You can find them in a wide range of styles and materials, including velvet. The material and pattern can add something extra, so they fit the dress code while still providing individual comfort and style.

Banquet Clothing for Tweens

Tweens often have the opportunity to attend banquets for school or community events, and they’ll want to have the right outfit for the role.

Here are some of our top picks for banquet clothes you know they’ll love:


Jumpsuits are a wonderful alternative to dresses or pantsuits for tweens who want to try something different. They can make their jumpsuit look more classy by pairing the jumpsuit with heels or oxfords and accessorizing with jewelry and hairpins.

Stylish Shirts

Dressy separates are always a good idea for stylish tweens. They can pair dress pants with stylish shirts in a wide range of colors and styles, from lace to silk. The uniqueness and versatility of stylish shirts allow tweens to really make this look their own, so they can express their personal style and uniqueness.

Ruffle Tanks

Tweens can also pair their dress pants with dress shirts, like ruffle tanks, which are perfect for the warm days of summer banquets. They pair well with shiny necklaces, bold hair accessories, and other bright and unique pieces. They’re easy to match and always look chic and elegant.


There are many different dresses for your tween to pick from, like midi dresses and maxi dresses. A little black dress or cocktail dress is a fun way for your tween to dress up while still feeling comfortable in a look that fits their style.

Banquet Clothing for Women

Whether you’re attending a banquet for work or a charity dinner, you’ll want to have the right outfit for the role so that you feel confident all night long.

Here are some of our top picks for women’s banquet clothes:


Jumpsuits always look elegant and stylish, and there are many ways for women to pair their jumpsuits with preferred shoes and accessories. Try on velvet jumpsuits, silk jumpsuits, and more. Add a blazer for work-centric functions for a feminine twist on the traditionally masculine sport coat.

Ruffle Tanks

You can dress your ruffle tanks up or down, depending on the bottoms. Pair a ruffle tank with a skirt, dress pants, or even a pair of nice jeans, depending on the dress code for your next banquet.

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses are great for cocktail dress events, as they fall to knee-length and are somewhere between casual and formalwear. They’re an A-line style party dress available in many unique colors and styles, and you can match yours with heels, flats, boots, and more. Pick out one with long sleeves or short sleeves for something eye-catching.

Smocked Shirts

Smocked shirts are layered with elegant and billowing fabric in different patterns and textures. They can be dressed up or down and are perfect for dancing and dining.

Fine Dining and High Fashion

You have many exciting options when it comes to dressing for your next banquet or formal event. Depending on the dress code, from formal dress code to black tie, that can mean cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, ruffle tops, and more. We’re the lifestyle team you can trust to help you plan and enjoy every special evening, like banquets and dinner parties.


Girls, tweens, and women are sure to find the perfect looks here at PixieLane. We’ll match you with the best pieces and styles for casual, formal, and black tie events. Explore our growing collection of style guides and trending fashion news, and find a look you love for the next night out.


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