Uncommon Gifts That Are Surprising Hits

Bridget Reed
Fri Jan 07, 2022

Uncommon Gifts That Are Surprising Hits

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging. After all, you want to give your friend or loved one something special that they wouldn’t purchase for themselves. The good news is that there are plenty of fun and exciting options for uncommon gifts that all of the special people in your life are sure to enjoy. You can find many great picks without breaking the bank, which makes them perfect for everything from birthdays to housewarming parties to holiday events.

PixieLane is here to help. We’re the team you can turn to for a wide range of unique and exciting outfit ideas, but that’s not all. We also have the lifestyle tips and tricks that make it easy to decorate your home, accessorize with ease, and find that perfect gift every time.

What Are the Best Uncommon Gifts for Girls? 

Great gifts are unique, versatile, and a little something special. Whether you’re purchasing for your little girl or your grown-up college student out exploring the world, here are some treasures that they’re sure to love.

Pick one of these to wrap up in style.

Beanies and Gloves

Beanies and gloves are always a good choice. Not only are they a great way to keep warm on those chilly days, but they can add a little something extra to any outfit. They’re a cute accessory that can make even the most bundled-up winter coat look fun and unique.

Plus, they’re available in a wide range of colors and styles. Find the beanie and glove set to match or mix up the colors and patterns for a look you know she’ll love.

Pom Pom Keychains

If you’re on the search for the perfect gift for a fun kid, don’t forget to explore the fuzzy and puffy keychains we carry, as well. They’re available in lots of bright and bold colors, which means they match well with backpacks, purses, key rings, and a whole lot more. Whatever her favorite style might be, there’s a cute pom pom keychain to match.

Beaded Phone Bracelets

There are many reasons to pick up a beaded phone bracelet for your teen or tween. Beaded phone bracelets can be a great method of creativity and self-expression since they come in a wide range of colors and styles, but that’s not all.

They’ll also help your teen hold onto their phone, which means fewer worries about dropping or losing important technology. This vintage-inspired accessory is a guaranteed gift hit every time.  

What Are the Best Uncommon Gifts for Boys? 

Shopping for boys can be just as much fun as shopping for girls. You have lots of great options for style, décor, and accessories that they’ll appreciate and use for a long time to come.

Which of these uncommon gifts will you share with loved ones first?


Eye-catching pillowcases can really help to bring a room together. They can be found in lots of unique and stylish patterns and colors, which gives teen and tween boys a chance to show off their creativity and personal style. Younger kids will also find cute pillowcases with their favorite characters and designs, and there’s nothing better than a soft place to lay your head at night.

Graphic Tees

Another great method for self-expression is the graphic tee shirt. Boys’ graphic tees are available with characters, patterns, sayings, and a whole lot more. They’re easy to mix and match, layer well for the in-between season. They can be tossed in the wash when they get dirty from a day out, having fun with family and friends.

Pick out the perfect graphic tee for your boys’ style and personality today.

Board Shorts

Are you headed to the beach or the lake? You can’t go wrong with a great pair of board shorts. Board shorts are a little longer than traditional swim trunks, which makes them a great option for transitioning between activities and playing in the water.

Additionally, boardshorts come in a wide range of styles, from vintage patterns to modern color combinations, so you can find a pair that your son or nephew is sure to bring on every adventure.

What Are the Best Uncommon Gifts for Mom? 

The moms in your life deserve some wonderful and unique gifts, as well, and you have plenty of great options to pick from.

These are a few of our top picks for great gift ideas for moms:

Cozy Blankets

You just can’t go wrong with a cozy blanket. They’re a great option for the whole family since they can be used for movie nights, star watching, and a whole lot more. There are so many great patterns and materials to pick from when it comes to the next cozy blanket, and it’s easy to find a piece that fits into any home décor style or vibe.

Because cozy blankets are available in so many different materials, sizes, and styles, you can find a really great cozy blanket that doesn’t break the bank. No matter what the next family-friendly activity might be, a cozy blanket can add that little something special.

It can give mom a place to relax after a long day. It doubles as great décor for any bedroom or family space, which makes it that uncommon gift that just keeps giving.

Beanies and Gloves

Beanies and gloves make great fits for moms, as well as girls. Busy moms are always on the go, and a cute matching hat and glove set can help to keep them warm and comfortable all day long. They add a little something extra to every winter outfit, and it’s easy to find a pair that really fits her style. If you want to make the gift really stand out, consider a more elevated or high-quality set that you know is going to last for a long time to come.

Weekend Bags

And when it comes to creating that stylish, on-the-go look, you can’t go wrong with a great weekend bag. Weekend bags make it easy to say yes to the next great adventure with family or friends. They’re lightweight and easy to carry, so nothing will slow you down or keep you from having a great time.

Explore weekend bag options in solid and neutral colors, or pick a look in a pattern that really fits her personality. Begin planning the next great weekend trip with the best mom in your life today.

Uncommon Gifts at a Glance 

Gift-giving is a love language, and it’s not hard to see why. The right gift can really make a person feel special and important and even add a little something extra to their day. You can give gifts for any season, for the family, or for the individual, and the right gift certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. Just check out cozy blankets, hat and glove sets, funky pillowcases, and more.

And you can turn to PixieLane to steer you right when it comes to the perfect gift. We carry a wide inventory of outfits and styles that are perfect for any occasion, but that’s not all.

We also provide lifestyle resources and guidance to support you on the next DIY or gift-giving adventure. Check out our ever-refreshing collection of great clothes for the whole family and our library of lifestyle guides to get started.



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