Top 5 Reasons Why Gig Economy Jobs Are Better For Parents and Kids

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

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The gig economy has been growing in popularity in recent years, and it’s not difficult to see why. There are many benefits to exploring gig economy jobs and positions, especially for working parents, and getting started is easier than ever.

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What Is a Gig Economy Job? 

The gig economy refers to positions or roles that are freelance or independent in some way. There are many different types of jobs and roles that can be performed in a gig capacity, including creative positions, sales and marketing jobs, online content creation, and a lot more. You can even build business ventures and engage with customers in a gig economy position.

Can People Earn a Real Living Off of “Gig Economy” Jobs? 

It’s natural to be skeptical of gig economy positions. After all, we’re often told that traditional employment is the most stable and reliable option for income and job security. But the truth is that more and more positions are becoming available in our growing gig economy.

All that means is that with proper organization and motivation, you can bring in clients, schedule jobs, and enjoy an income comparable to that of a traditional position. You can also work hours on your terms, which means you can bring in more income or reduce your number of hours as you see fit.

Why Are Gig Economy Jobs So Great for Working Parents? 

There are many benefits to trying out gig economy positions, especially for working parents. Here are just a few of the reasons gig economy jobs are a great option for parents looking to balance it all.

5. Flexibility and Balance

One of the best features of a gig economy job is the flexibility that allows you to set your own hours and spend time with your family. You can clear your schedule to get the kids off to school or for weekend adventures with the whole family while still growing your business.

If you’re looking for a great way to balance your work hours with time spent with loved ones, a gig might be an excellent option for you.

4. Extra Spending Money 

Another reason to appreciate a gig, rather than searching for a traditional position, is because you can bring in income on your terms. If you’re looking to add extra spending money to your family’s accounts, a gig can be really helpful.

It’s easy to bring in more as you need it by just adding a few extra hours a week to your work schedule. That also means you can reduce the number of hours you work as necessary, as well.

3. A Way To Build Expertise 

It can be challenging to return to traditional work environments after a period away, especially since it can appear as a gap on the resume. Not only will a gig provide you the opportunity to add to your professional credentials, but you can also learn new skills that can support you in current and future work opportunities.

When you pick up a gig, you’ll get experience and be exposed to new professional challenges and skills that will help you to grow your business and build upon the projects and jobs you enjoy most.

2. Geographic Freedom 

A gig gives you the opportunity to bring in more money for your family and to make time in the schedule for important events and those everyday special moments. That’s not the only freedom you can enjoy with a gig, rather than a traditional job.

You can also move around while you work and take your family with you. That means moving to an area or a region you really love or even working on the go.

Want to take a summer vacation with the whole family? You won’t have to worry about asking the boss for time off. Simply schedule your hours around the best events of the trip and enjoy making memories with your loved ones.

1. An Opportunity To Follow Your Passion 

Are you looking to explore your creative passions or follow a new opportunity in a field that interests you? A gig is a great way to go. There are a lot more ways through the door when you’re coming into a position as a freelancer or contractor rather than as an employee with a company.

You can also learn about the skills and education you’ll need to succeed in the fields that interest you. It’s a great way to determine what jobs and positions you like to hold, and gives you the experience you need to continue working on your passion, or take your position to new heights, in the future.

The Big Gigs

There are many benefits to working in the gig economy, especially for working parents. You can bring in more money for the family, travel and live in the places that really interest you, build expertise and explore new creative opportunities, and a whole lot more.

One of the most important benefits of trying out a gig, rather than working in a traditional position, is that you’ll have a lot more flexibility, which means time spent with the ones you love on your terms. It’s easy to find that perfect work-life balance, and you can grow your business or bring in more clients right from the comfort of home.

PixieLane can help you get started. If you’re interested in joining up with a team of working parents learning and growing new professional endeavors every day, we have what you need. Explore our consultant  program to find out all the reasons we’re a great fit for working parents, and check out our growing collection of pieces that the whole family is sure to enjoy.



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