Tchotchke Pieces That Are Absolutely Remarkable

Bridget Reed
Fri Nov 19, 2021

Tchotchke Pieces That Are Absolutely Remarkable

Maximalism and chic vintage styles are coming back into popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. These bold and exciting interior designs are a great way to create cozy, welcoming environments for friends and family. They also allow you to show off your favorite pieces of art and memorabilia from travel, cute shops, gifts, and more.

Pieces that are used for aesthetic and decorative purposes more than function are known as tchotchkes, and they have a long and rich history. PixieLane is here to help you find the perfect pieces to adorn both your home and your family.

We carry a wide collection of clothing, fashion guides, and tchotchkes you’re sure to love.

What Is a Tchotchke? 

Individuals have been adding tchotchkes and decorative pieces to their homes and personal spaces for generations as a way to express creativity, personal style, and interest.

The term tchotchke is Yiddish in origin and is believed to date back to around the 1960s or 1970s, specifically to the Jewish communities in New York. Because the word is translated, there are a few accepted alternate spellings, including “chotchke” and “tshotshke.”

While tchotchkes are an important part of Jewish-American culture, especially considering the Slavic root of the word, anyone can own or appreciate tchotchkes. The important distinction when it comes to tchotchkes is that they don’t necessarily have an inherent purpose or utilitarian use.

Tchotchkes may have connotations of mere decoration or purposelessness, but more often, the term is one of appreciation. Tchotchkes are brought into the home because they provide joy, add to the décor or comfort of a space, or remind the owner of special memories.

You can find tchotchkes in a wide variety of shops and stands to online stores adapting to the times. In fact, some souvenir shops are even still colloquially referred to as tchotchke shops because that makes up most of what they sell.

Decorate your coffee table or bookshelf with everything from charms to small baubles to trinkets to figurines. Who knows, you may even find the next great tchotchke in a cereal box.

Where Can I Find Cool Tchotchkes? 

Tchotchkes can really add a touch of something unique and personal to your space, so where can you find pieces that you really love?

Here are a few of our top spots for picking up tchotchkes you can start decorating with today:

Flea Markets

Who doesn’t love exploring the treasures available at local flea markets? At flea markets, you can find antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces that won’t be available anywhere else. Many artisans also sell their pieces at flea markets, so no matter what you find, it’s sure to be incredibly unique.

Another reason to consider checking out the flea market for your tchotchkes is that flea markets tend to be much more affordable than new shops or art galleries. You can find that extra special element for your home without breaking the bank.  

Thrift Shops

Another affordable and accessible option for finding your next tchotchke is the thrift shop. Thrift shops aren’t just a great option for picking up really unique vintage pieces for costumes or fancy events. They also carry plenty of home décor and pieces for decorating your walls and your space.

Search for the big items, like chairs, polka-dot curtains, and mirrors, but don’t forget to check out their rows of smaller home décor pieces and trinkets. That’s where you’ll find the best tchotchkes for your home.

Online Stores

And, of course, you can always check out online shops and boutiques for your next tchotchke. Look up vintage stores selling unique or one-of-a-kind pieces, or visit the websites of artists and crafters who create really individual and exciting products. You may even want to keep your eyes on the big online resellers in case something totally special comes along.

What Are the Most Awesome Tchotchkes Online?

When it comes to tchotchkes the whole family is sure to love, we have you covered for every style and occasion.

Here are just a few of the great pieces you’ll find in our growing online collection today:

  • Mermaid Pom Pom Keychain: Who doesn’t love a mermaid vibe? Kids and teens alike are sure to love this cute mermaid pom pom keychain for decorating their backpack, lanyard, or even the belt loop of their jeans. They come in fun, bright colors that are sure to add a little something extra to every space.
  • Doll Accessories: Little girls are sure to enjoy dressing up their favorite dolls and stuffies with the cute doll outfits available here at PixieLane. Check out our fun doll accessories like dresses and top and bottom sets in tie-dye, leopard print, paint splatter, and more.
  • Hair Bows: Hair bows may be a great addition to your little one’s favorite look, but they’re cute for decorating rooms and spaces, as well. Thanks to the easy-to-use clip, hair bows can be a great piece to add to walls, art, curtains, and anything else you and your little one want to decorate in the home.

Cute Collections

Tchotchkes have a long and fascinating history, and it’s not hard to see why so many people love adding that special piece to their space. They’re perfect for achieving bold and vibrant designs and styles, especially as interior design trends like maximalism come back into popularity.

And you’re not alone when it comes to finding unique and interesting tchotchkes for your space. PixieLane is here to help. Not only do we carry a growing collection of tchotchkes that you can check out today, but we’re also sharing the best options for finding and styling your next pieces. 

Make your space really feel like home with bright, colorful, and fun tchotchkes, and explore our growing collection of design and fashion guides to take your next decorating step today.



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