How To Plan a Trip For the Entire Family

Bridget Reed
Wed Jan 12, 2022

How To Plan a Trip For the Entire Family

There’s a lot that goes into the trip planning process. You’ll need to make reservations, organize activities for kids and parents, and set up menus and meals that everyone will enjoy. This doesn't even include the travel budget, considering potential exchange rates for local currency, or searching for the best deals.

Another step that busy parents need to remember before the trip even begins is to create a packing list. While older kids can pack for themselves, it’s a good idea to go over the packing essentials and needs. 

You’ll find all those family travel essentials and inspiration right here at PixieLane. Our products are designed with your family in mind. That’s why we carry everything you need for exploring the city, the great outdoors, and all the dream destinations in-between.

With these recommendations from PixieLane, you can begin packing for the perfect trip for the entire family. 

How To Plan a Trip for the Entire Family 

You already have plenty on your mind when it comes to writing the itineraries for the best family vacation. Children of different ages will have different dressing and packing needs, and different travel destinations will require specific pieces.

The more you’re able to plan for the pack, the easier it will be to get the whole family out the door on schedule on the day of.

These tricks will help you get started and avoid the last-minute panic:

Bring Travel Essentials 

Before getting into relaxation mode, you want to make sure you have your travel checklist completed.

To start, if you are traveling abroad, make sure you have met the visa requirements, exchange your SIM cards if needed, and alert your credit card companies that you are traveling. The last thing you want is your ATM card, debit card, or credit card to be frozen on suspicion of fraud charges because you've popped up in a new location.

You also want to account for your method of travel. Are you going to your home airport, your personal car, or a method of public transportation like a train? For instance, bring an empty water bottle with you when taking a plane, but pack a cooler for a long road trip

Your family’s travel essentials and accessories will vary, but essentials can include blankets, diaper bags, snack packs, and extra layers. 

Pack For Your Destination 

Come vacation time, you will want to make sure your family is prepared for anything. When you have the right clothes, you can focus on seeing the sights and enjoying your vacation spot. 

Consider what kind of activities and attractions our family will be engaging with when you reach your destination. Will you be spending time outdoors or exploring a city center? Will you need closed footwear or swimsuits for a kayak adventure? 

Remember, it’s always a good idea to have options. This is especially true when it comes to younger children, as they can get messy playing or eating. 

If you’re worried about carrying heavy bags, consider a capsule wardrobe. The perfect capsule wardrobe will allow you to make a wide variety of outfits out of a small number of pieces. 

Account for Age Needs 

It’s much simpler to care for the different needs of different aged children at home than on the go. There are obvious things you’re likely to remember when packing, like diapers and formula for babies.

But you also want to consider the needs of older children and tweens, as well. Does your little one need a nightlight to sleep? Will you need to make room for a favorite stuffed animal in the suitcase?

It’s better to consider the specific needs of your children before you begin the packing process to ensure there’s enough room to fit everything. 

Are your young ones more likely to jump in muddy puddles? Think about the different events and activities coming up on your trip and the best pieces for everyone in your family. 

Consider the Weather 

One of the most essential things you’ll want to account for with your travel itinerary is the weather. For example, New Zealand will be rather different from Mexico at the same time of year.

This is especially important if you’re headed to a different climate or environment than the one you’re currently in. It’s best not to assume what the weather will be like when you arrive.

Instead, check the local weather report a few days out from when you leave. This will help you to stay in the loop on warm or cold bouts, rainy days, snow, and more.

When you have the appropriate clothing on hand, it can help to keep your family comfortable on every trip. And the more comfortable everyone is, the smoother and more enjoyable the whole vacation will go.

You can also check travel blogs, ask a travel planner, or even look at your destinations on social media, like Facebook or Instagram.

Keep in mind that the weather of the high season is different from the low season (or shoulder season).

If you think your airline could cancel your trip, consider travel insurance. Despite the extra cost, many people are grateful for the coverage.

Bring Something Fun 

You never know when you’re going to need a cute or elevated outfit on your next adventure. Maybe your family will get invited to a backyard celebration or get offered tickets to a new theater production. It’s better to have the pieces available and find you don’t need them than to get caught without something to wear. 

The fun piece you pack is going to vary for each person in your family. Moms will always win with a cute and comfortable little black dress. For girls, a skirt or dress will do the trick. Consider packing a button-down or nice sweater for your boys. That special piece might just come in handy. 

Engage the Family 

You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting alone. Consider asking your little ones for help. Ask them to pick out the pieces they want to have on their trip. You also want them to share what special items they’ll need for travel, like blankets or stuffed animals.

By engaging with your kids, you won’t have to worry about missing anything essential. It also helps to get them excited and ready for the upcoming adventure. 

Begin the Packing Process 

Packing for your next big family vacation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a few simple steps, you can reduce the stress and ensure you have everything you need on hand. 

Pack with your destination in mind, which means checking the weather, and consider adding something fun to the mix. You’ll want to account for different ages when you pack, but engaging your kids in the process can really help. Remember, the capsule wardrobe can make all the difference. 

You can make a capsule wardrobe, find accessories, and pick out cute new outfits right here at PixieLane. We’re the family-forward fashion team you can trust for whatever the next big trip might bring.  



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