Types of Hats Every Woman Needs To Have

Bridget Reed
Sun Jan 09, 2022

Types of Hats Every Woman Needs To Have

The perfect outfit can be brought to the next level with the right accessories. And there’s no accessory more iconic or timeless than the hat. When it comes to creating a wardrobe you can really rely on, there are styles and types of hats that you’ll definitely want to have on hand. 

And that’s where PixieLane can help. At PixieLane, we want to match you with clothes and pieces for the long term. That means more than just connecting you with looks you love. It means helping you create a lifelong approach to style and design, so you’ll always be able to create flattering outfits for any occasion. 

Find the right hats for the next special event and a whole lot more here at PixieLane. The only question is, which ones will you check out first? 

Hat History at a Glance 

Hats have been an essential piece of women’s fashion for centuries. Each era and country around the world has a unique and incredible hat history that speaks to the culture at the time. 

Notably, women’s hats have been inspired by military styles, religion, weather, technology, and a whole lot more. Throughout time, hats were made with a wide variety of materials and techniques, depending upon what was available. You can find hats of silk, leather, cotton, and straw, just to start. 

The history of hat styles, from top hats to page boy caps, is nothing short of a history of the world. By picking out your favorite hat styles, you can continue a legacy of fashion as a form of self-expression, creativity, and art.  

Types of Hats Every Woman Needs To Have 

Hats have a long and exciting history, but they have an exciting future, as well. In the modern-day, you have more options than ever when it comes to unique and fashionable new hat designs for any occasion. 

You can find style rules and guides for wearing any type of modern or vintage hat. That said, hats serve many purposes, even beyond aesthetics. That’s why you’ll always want to pick up the hats you love when you can, even if you don’t know how to style them just yet. 

PixieLane has everything you need to get started. Here are just a few of the essential hats that every woman should have in her closet. 

Ball Caps 

You have many different styles of ball caps to pick from, which means it’s easy to find the ball cap look that you love. Ball caps are adorable and useful all in one. They’re great for protecting your skin from the elements. You’re also sure to look fun and cute when you pair your casual jeans and t-shirt outfit with a fun new ball cap. 

One of the reasons we love ball caps is that they’re great for outdoor activities like running. You can focus on keeping yourself healthy and strong, while the hat will ensure sun exposure is limited. 

Find cute ball caps with lots of sayings and decals, like places, teams, businesses, and more. Some have snapbacks, buckles, wide brims, trucker hats, large brims, and even more unique design options to pick from.  


If you’re looking for a cozy outfit, the beanie is ideal. Beanies will help to keep you warm on even the chilliest days, though there’s a wide range of fashion beanies, as well. A slouchy beanie can add a cool and funky vibe to any outfit, whether you’re indoors or out. 

You can also find cute gloves and scarves to match your favorite beanie, which means you can embrace fashion all winter long. 

Sun Hats 

Baseball caps aren’t your only option when it comes to protecting your skin from the elements. You can also find a wide range of beautiful sun hats. Check out everything from small-brimmed sun hats to floppy styles. 

Typically, sun hats are made with straw or similar materials. If you like soft and feminine accessories, you can also find sun hats with flowers, lace, and ribbon decals that will really stand out. Pair your favorite sun hats with a lovely sundress, flowy skirt, or sarong for the sunny days.  

Fashion Hats

Who says a hat needs to have a purpose? Some of the most iconic and interesting hats from history have been used primarily or exclusively for fashion purposes. That’s a trend that continues even today. 

Find unique fashion hats like newsboy brimmed caps, berets, fedoras, trilbies, and a whole lot more. You can really make your outfit stand out by pairing traditionally masculine hats from history with your favorite styles for trendsetting looks that can’t be beat. 

Utilitarian Hats 

And when it comes to hats that get the job done, there’s no shortage of options. Some utilitarian hats can help to protect your face from the sun, like gardening hats. You can also find hats for keeping you warm on even the coldest of days, with flaps that protect the ears. Cowboy hats can also protect the eyes from dust and sand. 

You can find utilitarian and useful hats for many different occasions. Consider what your fashion and function needs might be. Find a hat that covers them all and still leaves you looking cute.  

Hair Accessories 

Some hats aren’t hats at all, but actually a type of hair accessory. You can find mini hats that connect to your cute hairstyle with a set of pins or elastics. They’re perfect for fancy and glamorous events, costume parties, or simply for taking your favorite outfit to the next level. 

Vintage Hats 

Take a little inspiration from vintage styles. When it comes to unique and stylish hat designs, vintage and retro accessories are always a good idea. You can go back to the era of fedoras and trilbies from the 1920s and 1930s or embrace the geometric and chic pillbox hat. Don’t forget the mesh veil! 

Find gorgeous classic pieces for your favorite eras of the past at thrift shops, estate sales, and online, and create truly unique new looks today. 

Accessorizing With Hats

Hats can play many parts. You can find hats designed to do a job, like keeping your face protected or your ears safe from the cold. There are also hats for fashion-forward dressers who want to add a little something special to their next look. Try on floppy sun hats, berets, hair accessories, and more. 

And when you want to find something really special, look to the eras of the past for inspiration. Pick out truly unique hat styles from stand-out periods of history and walk into any room with confidence. 

Here at PixieLane, we have hats for the whole family. Whether you’re headed someplace chilly or a sunshiny spot, you’ll find the perfect fit hat right here in our collection. Match it with the fun and exciting pieces we carry, as well, from dresses to parts, to rompers.

And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our many styles and fashion guides for creating truly beautiful looks. 



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