Zip Up Hoodies for Women That Look Cute

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

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Women can make every type of outfit look adorable and cute. But a zip up hoodie is an effortlessly cute look for every woman. 

Read all about why the zip up hoodie is a fashion essential. From layering to Mommy and Me matching to cool graphics and colors —this is the easiest way to look and feel trendy.

How Can I Style a Zip Up Hoodie?

Finding and developing your style is a lifelong process that changes and evolves. Too often, as women, our clothing options seem to prioritize style over comfort, leading to itchy and tight clothing that we just can’t wait to peel off at the end of the day.

Not so with the zip up hoodie! This super garment represents the best of both worlds: comfort and style.

Check out PixieLane for fashion advice and inspiration. We have all the info on making the zip-up hoodie look an iconic one to be obsessed over. Keep reading for zip up hoodies that are stylish, comfortable, and durable. 

Easy Layering

With a zip up hoodie you can have an easy layering piece right in your closet. Pair your hoodie with a cute tee or a colorful tank top, and you quickly have the trendy, layered look you were going for.

Layering a hoodie also gives you several combinations to style how you please. You can mix and match the layers with all the tees, tank tops, and bottoms. The options are never-ending.

Their perfect lightweight feature makes them easy to wear in every season. You can even wear this jacket to work out in style and then head to brunch with your friends.

Pair your favorite hoodie with joggers or black leggings and have a trendy look for wherever life takes you.

Mommy and Me

An incredibly unique feature of zip up hoodies are their matching opportunities. When you look for women’s hoodies, you will find that many of the logos, graphic tees, and zip up hoodies have a matching set for your child. 

Nothing quite compares to the mother and child bond. The bond from infancy through adulthood with a mom and child promotes healthy development in your child. Spending quality time with your little one, engaging in healthy and positive touch, and investing in their emotional needs is the best way to establish a healthy bond with your child. 

Mommy and Me sets give you the perfect opportunity to create bonding moments with your kids. Studies show that when moms talk confidently about their looks and bodies, their kids grow up with more confidence and security. 

What better way to find something to bond over than by coordinating with your child, going on a fun Mommy and Me outing, and making memories that last? Whether it’s just for fun or an Instagram photoshoot, Mommy and Me looks call for matching hoodie options. 

Like a Jacket

With cool fall temperatures, your zip up hoodie is a perfect lightweight jacket. They have a relaxed fit, so layers are easy, but they are lightweight enough to keep you warm for those chilly fall temperatures. 

Lightweight sleeves and a hood can be the perfect combination for enduring the fall temperatures as they drop. Why not make comfortability also stylish with adorable zip up hoodies. They serve as a jacket, loungewear, and a cute fall outfit. You can unzip the hoodie when you get warm, pull the zipper up, and throw the hood up when you encounter a chill.

What Are the Coolest Zip Up Hoodie Styles?

The best hoodies and style inspiration can be achieved with your very own zip up hoodie. Some of the coolest styles incorporate a variety of features. You can find thumbholes in the sleeves, a variety of fun patterns, logos, fits, and graphics.

Some of the most classic looks are a simple zip up hoodie paired with a fun pair of leggings. You can also choose a zip up hood with a bold print to really stand out.

Cool Graphics

Search for a variety of zip up hoodies with cool graphics. You can find all of your patterns, pops of color, and fun graphics to make your zip up hoodie stand out. 

A zip up hoodie shouldn’t just be a plain jacket. Make it a centerpiece for your outfit with a cool graphic.

Solid Basics

Some basic features to look for are hoods for comfort, sleeves for warmth, and the zipper for easy layering. Zip up hoodies can have all of these basics, but there is so much more to think about when looking for the perfect zip up hoodie.

You want your clothing to give you durability. Find products, including zip up hoodies, that are built to last. They can handle moisture for your tough workouts and basic wear and tear of life.

If you’re a mom like we are, you know that basics are an absolute necessity. You need a comfy and stylish look for picking up your kids from school and grabbing coffee with your mom friends. The hoodie can hang by your front door, so you can grab it as you dash out while also knowing you are still fashionable. 

Fun Patterns

Pattern choices are endless with zip up hoodies. We have tie-dye, fun shapes, colors, and more with our hoodie options. Choose the pattern that is right for you and elevate your style with a zip up hoodie.

Cool Looks With all the Comfort

Zip up hoodies are a fashion statement that we love at PixieLane. Find all the comfortable options with fabrics and textures that fit your needs. Workout at the gym in style. Bond with your child over the cutest matching hoodie outfit combinations. 

Above all else, develop a style that is unique to you. Fill your closet with outfits that speak to your personality. And when you get dressed every day, walk into the world with confidence, knowing that you have the trendiest and most comfortable wardrobe. 



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