Trendy Baby Girl Clothes: Shopping For Your Little Girl

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

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There’s something really special about shpping for new outfits and styles with your little girl. It’s a great way to make memories and to share in creativity and joy. It can feel a little overwhelming in the beginning because there are so many things to keep in mind, but it’s easy to get started with the support of PixieLane.

Our expert team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect pieces for every occasion and event. We believe that fashion and styles are a wonderful way to bring people together, which is why we’re sharing our guides for picking out the perfect outfits for your baby girl.

What Are the Cutest Baby Girl Trends?

There’s nothing cuter or more fun than the latest in baby girl fashion trends, and with so many different options to pick from, you’re sure to find something truly special for your little girl.

Here are a few of the cutest baby girl trends to try out today:


Tie-dye is a great way to add bold and festive colors to any outfit. You can go full groovy 1960s with matching headbands and a cute denim bottom, or try out a subtle shade of tie-dye in your favorite colors. Tie-dye is always fun with decals and slogans, as well.


Kids love fun colors, and so do we! There are so many cute rainbow pieces and designs that your little one will look totally adorable in. Look for rainbow designs, rainbow patterns, or a full set of rainbow colors across shirts, pants, dresses, and rompers. Rainbows even make cute accessories. No matter what kind of rainbow you give your little girl, she’s sure to look her full adorable self.

Animal Print

Animal print is a classic for a reason. You have cheetah print, leopard print, zebra print, and more. These gorgeous animal designs can add a chic and classy look to your baby’s style, and they match well with neutrals and bold colors alike, so you can create a unique look all on your own.


Celebrate the center of your universe with a star pattern that really stands out. Check out pieces with a single bold star in the middle, or look for little stars in neutrals or colorful patterns. Stars are always fun and festive, and there are many ways to style them up and down.

What Styles Should We Buy?

When you’re ready to embrace the latest trends, styles, and fashion staples for your little girl, consider some of the following pieces, designs, and ideas.

Matching Knotted Gowns and Headbands 

Knotted gowns are perfect for little ones, and they’re a cute and comfortable way to keep your baby safe. Knotted gowns can be neutral, which is why you’ll want to consider adding cute headbands to complete the look. You can find them in many different patterns and styles, and they always bring out the cuteness.

Top and Short Sets

Top and short sets are a great option if you want to be able to move and change your child easily. They match, so they’re easy to use, and they allow for maximum flexibility and comfort, but if you need to make an emergency clothing swap, you can do that with a top and short set.


Of course, what’s not to love about a little one in a dress? You can even find matching Mommy and Me dresses for mom and baby girl. There are many different dresses available for many different events and activities, so explore style, fabric, and comfort options to find those perfect fits.

Rompers and Onesies

If you’re looking to give your baby a totally chic style, then the romper is a great option. They’re a single-piece outfit, which means you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching, and they look cute with accessories and any style of shoe. Onesies are a staple for any little baby, but with so many styles and designs to pick from, you can find a really cute onesie for your special girl.

Matching Stroller Blankets

Stroller blankets are one of the best ways to keep your baby safe from exposure to the sun and the elements. Pick matching stroller blankets in patterns, colors, and styles that match your little one’s outfit of the day.

How Do I Know Which Size to Buy?

Little babies grow fast, so it can be difficult to find the perfect fit. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to finding the perfect fits and pieces for your little girl.


Age is a good place to start when it comes to your baby’s size and measurements. It’s not a perfect guarantee, but it can help to provide you a starting point for picking out the next great baby outfit.


The weight and height of your baby are the most important information that you can have on hand, especially if they’re outside or at the top of the size range for their age. Look at the sizing information on each piece you pick and compare them to your baby’s measures to find that perfect fit.

Size Guides

The size guide for most baby clothing usually goes up by about two to five pounds and one to two inches at a time. It’s helpful to consider the age of the child as well, but always consult the sizing chart before you buy.

Special Clothes for Your Special Girl

Picking out clothes for your little girl can be fun, exciting, and full of great opportunities for creativity. You’ll want to consider a few common colors and patterns like stars and rainbows, check out options like dresses, rompers, and accessories, and learn the unique ways to measure your little ones.

And you can turn to PixieLane when it’s time to get started. Find the perfect pieces for your family with the specially curated picks from the moms at PixieLane.



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