Toddler Boy Clothes: Best of 2021

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

Toddler boy wearing a grey smiley face shirt and blue and white shorts in the driveway.

When it comes to dressing toddlers, it may seem like baby girls have all the fun. But boy moms know that dressing toddler boys can mean just as much creativity and opportunity for cuteness.

That’s why our team here at PixieLane is dedicated to sharing exciting, trendy, and totally adorable outfits for your little boy.

Here are some of our favorite looks from 2021 that you can dress your toddler boy in today:

What Are the Coolest Toddler Boy Styles? 

Our toddler boys are already showing off their personality and picking out their favorite colors and styles, and there’s a trend to fit whatever their look might be.

Here are some cute and cool toddler outfits ideas to keep in mind for your cute and cool kids:


When it comes to picking out new outfits for your kids, the most important feature is comfort. This will ensure that your toddler has ease of mobility and movement and that they can focus on learning, playing, and growing without irritation or itching. You can find comfortable clothes to fit a lot of different little boy styles, and it can be helpful to always listen to what your toddler needs when picking out clothes for the next great event.  


Does your toddler have a little bit of ‘tude? An edgy look might just be the right style for them. It’s easy to get edgy looks with great layers and accessories like faux leather jackets, cool sunglasses, and even matching hairstyles. One of the staples of an edgy look is the shoes, and a pair of cool black and white kicks are sure to do the job every time.


Or maybe your baby boy is more the laid-back type. Get into that sweet beach vibe with a surfer style that’s perfect for the summer months. Fun patterns, comfy shorts, button-downs, and cool colors all add to that cute surfer look. Don’t forget accessories! Sunglasses, flip flops, and surf hats make the style complete.


Your messy kid needs an outfit that can really keep up. You can create a full camo outfit or mix and match camo with neutrals. It even works great as an accessory pattern on sunglasses or shoes. Camo is a good fit for busy kids who like to get dirty since the darker pattern hides some of those dirt and grass stains with ease.

Matching with Mom

Of course, there’s nothing cuter than a matching style. Here at PixieLane, we carry Mommy and Me matching sets for you and your little boy that make every photoshoot absolutely adorable. Go for a full match, pick out similar patterns and colors, or find a style you both like for that next family event.


Tie-dye is making a comeback, and it’s not hard to see why. Tie-dye is one of those cute and fun patterns that will always make your little one look cool, and with so many different color options to pick from, you’re sure to find a look that you and your little one really dig. Tie-dye works well on t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and more. 

What Pieces Are Toddler Boy Clothing Essentials? 

There are lots of fun pattern and style options for little boys, and with the right wardrobe staples, it’s easy to create those unique and stylish looks every time.

Discover a few of the clothing essentials that every toddler boy should have in their closet:

Muscle Tanks

Muscle tanks are perfect for the warmer weather, and they’re also a great option for layering. You can get lots of muscle tanks with cute slogans and sayings, and if your kid likes an edgy look, then muscle tanks are the perfect way to go.


The tee shirt is a staple for a reason. Pick up toddler tee shirts in neutrals, bright and bold colors, or summer shades, and explore the many t-shirt options with fun toddler sayings and slogans. They can be styled up for more formal family events or made to match any occasion or holiday, which is why you’ll always want to have a few different ones on hand.


When it comes to the hot season, shorts are essential. Toddler shorts are available in many different materials, which means it’s easy to find a pair your little one feels comfortable in, and you can grab shorts for edgy styles, surfer styles, and a whole lot more.  


Of course, shorts aren’t an all-year option. Pick up some cute pants in different colors and styles to keep your little one well-dressed even on the coldest days. Bold and bright pants can be a lot of fun for your wild kids, darker colors won’t dirty up as fast, and neutrals are a great option for those fancier events and activities.

Matching Sets

Matching sets are pre-made outfits that come in lots of cute styles and designs. They’re a great option for when you just don’t have time to put an outfit together, and with a few matching sets in the closet, it’s easy to mix and match the cute different pieces.

Why Is PixieLane the Best Place to Buy Toddler Clothes?

There are many reasons to make PixieLane your first stop for cute toddler boy clothes. We carry a wide inventory of outfits for many different occasions, including wardrobe staples and matching sets. We also have the mommy and me looks you love and back-to-school pieces for the fall. As a company run by moms, we know what parents and their kids need to make fashion fun. 

The Top Toddler Clothes

When you’re ready to find the perfect clothes for your 2021 toddler boy wardrobe, turn to the team here at PixieLane. Find slogan tees, camo patterns, cute tie-dye sweatshirts, and a whole lot more. We make it easy to help you match your little one’s style every time, whether they’re edgy, laid back, or a little bit of both. Don’t forget to share your favorite toddler boy styles of 2021.



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