Thanksgiving Outfits That Will Look Great in a Holiday Photo

Doris Schwartz
Wed Oct 27, 2021

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Thanksgiving is a time for gathering together with loved ones and making memories. There’s no better way to capture those memories than with cute family photos in all the best fall styles.

Finding the perfect look for your little ones is easy, and PixieLane is here to support you every step of the way. We carry family-friendly styles for any occasion, and we’re here to help you pick out a great Thanksgiving look this holiday season.

What Makes a Great Holiday Photo? 

When it comes to picking out outfits for great family memories, there are a few simple things you’ll want to keep in mind to get those perfect photos every time.

Consider the following tips:

Mixing Patterns

When you mix and match patterns, you’ll add a little something bold and unique to your family photos. Oftentimes, we lean toward neutral colors for our family photos, but mixing and matching patterns can help to make the photos more interesting and more fun.

They’re also a great way to express your family’s personalities, which means every photo will really feel like a special memory.

Coordinating Colors

Of course, if you’re looking to capture those perfect family memories, coordinating colors can be the way to go. This is especially helpful if you have kids of different ages or boys and girls since you can find those colors in dresses, pants, shirts, and accessories.

Everyone in the family gets to wear something that makes them comfortable but will allow them to be cute and festive. The Thanksgiving color palette gives you many great options to pick from.

Matching Your Background

Where will you be taking your cute fall photos? Use your background for inspiration when it comes to picking out those perfect outfits. There are so many great fall backgrounds to pick from.

Knowing what colors and patterns you’ll be photographing in front of can help you to pick the shades and styles that will really pop rather than blending in. Consider your options for indoor and outdoor backgrounds and find the cute accessories and fall displays for fun and exciting additions.  

Showing Your Individuality

Everyone in your family is sure to have a look they love, and if you’re really looking to capture the fun and personality of your family, let that individuality show through. You can still coordinate looks with matching colors, accessories, or patterns, but allow your family members to pick out their favorite pieces so that all of your photos have a fun and genuine look.

What Thanksgiving Outfits Will the Family Love? 

You have many great options to pick from when it comes to the next great Thanksgiving family photo.

Here are just a few different choices to pick from that the whole family will love:

Mommy and Me Sets

One great way to match outfits with the family is to pick out some cute and fun Mommy and Me sets like the kind available here at PixieLane. We make it easy to find outfits for parents and kids in all of your favorite patterns, like tie-dye, animal prints, stars, and more.

You won’t have to worry about finding pieces that go together for mom and kids. Simply explore the already matched sets for a totally cute Thanksgiving family photo every time.

Tie-Dye Sweats

Who says that holiday photos have to be traditional? Here at PixieLane, we think Thanksgiving family photos should be fun and exciting and a little bit unique. After all, your pattern picks should represent your family’s style favorites.

That’s where tie-dye can come in. Tie-dye is available in a lot of great color options. You can take a totally new approach to the Thanksgiving season with fall colors in bursts of tie-dye patterns.

And when it comes to picking out the perfect pieces for your family photos in tie-dye, sweats are the way to go. They’re cute and comfortable enough that even the busiest kids will be able to keep up on the next adventure with a pair of sweats in their favorite fall colors. They’re also helpful for taking photos in cooler weather and keeping the whole family warm.

Flannel PJs

And when it comes to keeping the kids warm, flannel PJs are the way to go. Flannel is incredibly comfortable and soft, which makes it a great option for kids who fuss over fancy clothes. It’s also a versatile choice for the holiday season because it comes in so many cute colors.

PJs are also a lot less stuffy than other holiday photo looks, which means your family will feel much more comfortable and at ease in the photo session. And comfort is how you get the cute family photos that best represent the type of unique and cool group you really are.

Plus, you have a lot more options for poses and styles when you have complete mobility in comfy flannel, perfect for even the chilliest fall days. The only question is, which cute flannel color combination will your family try out first?

Fall Photo Shoots for the Family

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for taking photos with the whole family. It’s a time for making memories and embracing the best of fall beauty, with unique shades and colors and natural sights like falling leaves and pumpkin groves.

All these lovely looks make for a beautiful background for the best in family photos and the chance to capture the memories of moments that make your family truly special.

And when it comes to finding that perfect outfit for the photos you’re sure to love, PixieLane is here to help. We make it easy to pick out patterns, styles, and colors for parents and kids alike. 

We’re here to help you pick out fun and unique looks for the next great photo shoot, like Mommy and Me outfits, tie-dye sweatpants, and even flannel PJs. Share your favorite finished photos with friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving.



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