Summer Fashion For Men, Women, and Kids

Bridget Reed
Tue Oct 26, 2021

Summer Fashion For Men, Women, and Kids

Summer is a great season for showing off all of your favorite styles and designs. With so many great fashion trends to pick from, mom, dad, and kids are sure to find looks they love for every occasion.

PixieLane is here to help you get started. We carry a wide inventory of cute and comfortable staples for the whole family.

Read on for our insight into putting all the best outfits together in a snap.

What Are the Best Summer Outfits for Women? 

There are so many cute looks for women for the summer season; it can be difficult to know where to start!

Here are just a few of our favorite summer looks for women:

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are a comfortable, versatile, and useful piece for hot summer days. You can dress these classics up on their own with chic athletic tops, loose tanks, or fun summer tees. You can also toss a pair of bike shorts under a skirt or dress to prevent chafing on hot summer days so that you can focus on having a great time.

Bike shorts are available in classic neutral colors and lots of fun patterns and designs. Pair these iconic summer shorts with slides or sandals for an athletic and casual look.

V-Neck Ruffle Tops

V-neck ruffle tops are classy and chic but totally comfortable for warmer weather. The ruffles allow you complete mobility and ease of movement while still providing a little special touch to a more classic V-neck t-shirt.

You can find them in many eye-catching colors, including neutrals and pastels, or you can pick out your favorite patterns like tie-dye.  

Tiered Skirts

It doesn’t get more adorable than tiered skirts. They add a bit of movement and sleekness to any outfit and it’s easy to stay cool on even the hottest nights in a colorful or patterned skirt. 

They match well with summer shirts like tank tops, t-shirts, and even bodysuits. For chillier nights, throw on a jean jacket and some leather boots. 

Midi Dresses

A midi dress falls between the ankle and the knee. This level of comfort makes it the perfect style for busy parents who don’t want to have to worry about chasing kids or enjoying picnics in the park.

There are many cute and colorful styles for midi dresses, and you can dress them up or down. Throw on some wedge heels for a summer picnic or a cardigan for outdoor movie night. 

What Are the Best Summer Looks for Men? 

Men have great styles to pick from all summer long.

Here are just a few great summer looks for men to keep on rotation this season:

Running Shorts

If you’re taking advantage of the warm weather to work out and stay active, then running shorts are a great way to go. You can use them for running, but they’re also great for other activities and outdoor adventures with your family.

Made from breathable fabrics guaranteed to keep you cool, this closet essential is ready for whatever the summer day might bring. Plus, it’s easy to match your running shorts with comfortable tees.

Lightweight Tanks

Lightweight tanks also go well with your favorite pair of running shorts, and they’re the best option for those days when you feel like you just can’t get cool. They’re great for layering if you’re moving between air-conditioned rooms and the warmer outdoors.

You can find them in all of your favorite colors and styles. Represent places, sports teams, and your hobbies with cute and comfy tank tops that can really show off your personality.

What Are the Best Summer Looks for Kids? 

And what’s more fun than summer clothes for kids? When it comes to summer clothes, comfort and coolness are key.

Take a look at a few of our favorite picks for summer clothes for busy kids on the go:

Slogan Tees

You can’t go wrong with a slogan tee. It’s a great chance for your kids to express their personalities and to show off their interests in a really stylish way. You can find slogan tees with cute sayings, fun character illustrations, and even characters from your kids’ favorite books. There’s no shortage of fresh slogan tee options for your kids to try out this summer.

Fun Shorts

Of course, your little one will want a pair of fun shorts to match their slogan tees. We carry tons of fun shorts for boys and girls right here at PixieLane. You can find them in lots of stylish colors and patterns or basic solids.

These shorts can be mixed and matched with bright or bold tees and tanks. Fun shorts are great for all kinds of summer adventures, from beach days to summer camp to trips to the zoo. You can dress these shorts up with polos or keep them casual with a ballcap. 

Colorful Patterns

Express your personality and individuality with shorts and tee-shirts in tons of fun and colorful patterns to fit any event or occasion.

Here at PixieLane, you’ll find adorable patterns that the whole family is sure to love, like stars, stripes, and camos. We also carry lots of tie-dye patterns that are perfect for settling in around the campfire. You can even find tie-dye shorts in a reverse black and white pattern if you’re looking to really represent your personal style.

 We also carry precious, ruffled shorts in plenty of neat patterns and colors which means your little one can stay cool and comfortable at fancy family events. Pick your favorites from patterns like rainbow stripes, watermelons, smiley faces, and a whole lot more.  

Summer Wardrobes at a Glance

Summer is the perfect time to express your style and individualism, and the whole family is sure to find cute options and pieces to pick from when the warm weather comes.

Whether you’re planning the perfect picnic day with the kids or you’re headed out on a weekend adventure, these fun and creative outfits will keep you comfortable, mobile, and ready for anything.

 Summer is all about fun, but as parents, we have to make sure our kids have fun safely. This means wearing shades or sunglasses and remembering sunscreen.

Sunscreen is critical. While we might want to cover our little ones in long sleeves, jeans, and a trench coat to protect them from the sun's glare, this will probably cue a meltdown (and limit summer fun).

Make sure to get the sunscreen under the straps or thin sleeves: our kids are active and this fabric will move around. 

With swimsuits, keep an eye on those with open backs or cutouts. These need some special attention from the sunscreen bottle. 

PixieLane is here to help you create outfits for all those special days out with friends and loved ones. We’re a company made by moms for moms. All of our wardrobe essentials and kid-tested and family approved. 



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