What To Wear To a Birthday Party

Bridget Reed
Mon May 09, 2022

What To Wear To a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are wonderful opportunities to make memories with the people you love. Moms and dads can create personalized themes for their little ones, capture the moments in family photos, and spread the love in creative ways.


You want to make sure you have the perfect outfits for the whole family when it comes to the next birthday. That’s where PixieLane can come in. At PixieLane, we’re here for all the treasured times, whether you need photo day outfits or the birthday holiday look.

When it comes time to plan the next birthday, find birthday outfit ideas that kids and parents will love right here in our collection.

Celebrating the Special Day

There are many ways to make your little one feel important on their birthday — and the perfect outfit is one of them. When they have a look they love, it’s that much easier to get into the festive swing of the day, whether you’re hosting a birthday party or planning a night out on the town.

Here are some of our favorite looks for birthday girls and boys:

Outfits for the Birthday Girl

Little girls have so many cute outfit ideas and pieces to pick from it can be tricky to know where to start. You want to make sure the outfit is comfortable, appropriate for the weather, and easy to move in, so she can have the best possible time on her birthday.

Consider these top birthday picks:

Dresses: The Year-Round Fashion Trend

You can’t go wrong with the perfect birthday dress. Dresses are a year-round fashion trend for a reason. They’re festive, adorable, and versatile, so she can find a dress she loves for her birthday celebration.

The good news is that you can adapt a dress to fit the weather, with long sleeves and leggings for chillier days and sleeveless or tank top dresses for the summer. It’s easy for the birthday girl to truly make this look her own.

Leggings and a Cute Top

Birthday parties are all about fun and games. That’s why she’ll want to wear an outfit that’s comfortable and easy to move in—and what’s better than a pair of leggings?

Leggings come in a wide range of patterns and styles and mix and match easily with cute tops for any season or occasion. She’ll look adorable and still be able to dive into the festivities for an unforgettable day.

Glitter and Sequins

Of course, she is the girl of the hour. When you want to take a birthday outfit to the next level, sequins and glitter are the way to go. They add an air of festivity and glam to any outfit, and she can customize and stylize them to match her personality.

Sequins aren’t just for balloons: dresses, t-shirts, shoes, and hair accessories can all be treated with a little extra sparkle.


You can’t forget the accessories this birthday! Many birthday kids love wearing crowns or other hair accessories, but there are so many fun options to pick from.

If you’re celebrating outdoors, consider a pair of colorful sunglasses — and a handbag to match. If it’s a little chilly, a cute pair of matching gloves and hats can bring a birthday outfit together.


When you accessorize, you elevate, and accessories make for a birthday gift she’ll want to use again and again. Plus, a favorite birthday crown and sash might even become heirloom items.

Outfits for the Birthday Boy

Birthday boys will want to get in on the fun outfits, as well. Boys’ parties are often active or outdoors, so you always want to consider comfort and mobility when it comes to his birthday look.

You can’t go wrong with these classic styles:

Slogan Tees

Slogan and graphic tees are a favorite for a reason. There are so many great options to pick from, so he can represent his favorite characters, teams, animals, and more. You can even match the slogan or graphic tee to the theme of the party.


Slogan tees match easily with a wide range of other pieces and styles, so you can dress them up or down, depending on the venue and the weather. Pair birthday boy’s slogan tee with jeans, shorts, khakis, or even board shorts.

Button-Down Shirt

For classy or dressy birthday parties, like a birthday dinner, a button-down shirt is always a good option. They’re available in long and short sleeve styles, and they can be matched with sweaters and khakis for a formal look or t-shirts and board shorts for casual fun.

Don’t forget the loafers or sneakers! Button-downs look nice and festive, but they’re still comfortable, so the birthday boy can get into the celebration in style.

Dress For the Party Theme

What’s more fun than a themed party? It adds a little something magical to your little one’s event while making it easier to decorate, cook, and even dress for the occasion.

These are some classic birthday themes that are guaranteed wins — and the perfect outfits to match:

Beach Theme

Beach themes are always a blast. You can host the party by the pool or at the lake or turn your backyard into the ultimate beach celebration. Play surf music, set up palm trees, and serve tropical desserts to get into the feel.


And when it comes to the perfect outfit, you can’t go wrong with sundresses, swimsuits, flip flops, and straw hats. A blow-up pool is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser (just make sure to put on sunscreen 15 minutes before getting wet).

Fancy Dinner Party

Older kids are sure to love a fancy dinner party for their birthday. It’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up and celebrate, and there are many outfit ideas to pick from. They can dress in midi dresses or maxi dresses, wear stilettos or booties, and make the most of their accessories.


For a fancy dinner party, consider marking the dress code on the invitations, so friends know to come in cute looks, like party dresses with big bows — the more tulle, the better!

‘70s Glam

It’s little wonder that 1970s fashion styles are popular again. After all, today’s fashion trends are chic, stylish, and all about the vintage, and 1970s glam really delivers.

They can listen to their favorite disco music, dress up in sequin jumpsuits, or even host the party at a roller rink. It’s sure to be a stand-out celebration every time.

Blow Out the Candles and Make a Wish

Birthday parties are an exceptional time for little kids. They’ll get the chance to celebrate with friends and family and make memories that they’ll cherish for years to come. And what’s better for mom and dad than to watch their little one have a truly wonderful time? All in the perfect outfit.


When it comes to birthday outfits that just can’t be beat, there are so many exciting options to pick from. Girls can wear birthday party dresses, leggings, sequins, and cute accessories. Boys look great in t-shirts and classy button-downs. Plus, the whole family can dress for the theme of the next great event, like a beach night or a day at the disco.


Find the perfect outfits for all your scrapbook-worthy moments right here at PixieLane. In addition to a growing wardrobe of looks for parents and kids, we’re also sharing essential fashion and lifestyle guides to help you plan parties, pick out gifts, and set up the perfect photoshoot.

And it’s all right here in our library. The only question is, which outfit will your little one wear for their special day?




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