Valentine’s Day Gifts For Mom That Everyone Loves

Bridget Reed
Tue Apr 05, 2022

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Mom That Everyone Loves

Valentine’s Day is traditionally considered a romantic holiday, but it’s also a good opportunity for sharing different kinds of love. We can exchange Valentine’s Day cards with friends, and we can show the extraordinary people in our lives just how much they mean to us. That’s why Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for giving mom a unique and personal gift she’s sure to love.

PixieLane has what you need to get started. We carry a wide inventory of clothing and accessories that moms will definitely appreciate, and that’s not all. We’re also dedicated to sharing guides and information on all your lifestyle needs, from decorating your room to giving a special gift.

Here are some ideas for making your mom’s Valentine’s Day one that she’ll never forget:

Make Your Mom Your Valentine

If you want to make mom your Valentine this year, it’s all about the best Valentine’s Day gift. And we have a few ideas. We think every day should be Mother’s Day, but you can make today extra lovely with these February 14th present ideas.

The Best Outfits To Give Your Mom

If you know your mom’s style preferences or the trends she likes, consider giving her a cute or unique outfit or fashion piece this Valentine’s Day. And you have lots of stand-out options to pick from.

For stylish and classy moms, a jumpsuit in her favorite color is the way to go. They’re versatile pieces that can be dressed up with a piece of jewelry for a night out or worn to work in comfort. Choose velvet jumpsuits for a mother who loves a night at the theatre or a camo jumpsuit for the mom who is always on the go!

And when it comes to comfort, leggings and cute tops just can’t be beat. Pick from buttery leggings, high shine leggings, matte flex leggings, and more. You can mix and match them with her favorite tops or tanks for an outfit she’ll wear again and again but will never look the same twice.

One great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with Mommy and Me matching outfits for kids and mom. WIth the perfect matching outfits, some patience, and a whole lotta love, you can get those adorable photos every time.

Gift Your Mom a Stylish Accessory

Picking out clothes for other people can be challenging. If you’re just not sure what new fashion pieces mom will love, consider gifting her a stylish accessory instead.

Accessories often serve many purposes, and she’ll think of you every time she uses her new gift. For moms on the go, that might be a stylish and versatile cross-body bag in a pattern or color you know she’ll love or a pair of chic sunglasses that she might not pick out herself.

When you want to take it to the next level, consider a piece of jewelry, like necklaces or earrings. With so many different colors and pieces to pick from, you’re guaranteed to find jewelry that fits with her wardrobe and style but still makes her feel special.

Jewelry can be a good option for Grandma, aunts, or cousins on Valentine’s Day, as well.

Every Mom Loves To Be Comfy

Loungewear is in right now — and it’s not hard to see why. Since Valentine’s Day is often a chilly holiday, loungewear can make for an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. This cozy winter garment can really show mom some unconditional love.

Consider your loungewear clothing and accessory options, like soft and comfortable robes or breathable lounge pants. You may want to pair them with blankets or socks and maybe a candle or coffee mug for something thoughtful yet practical.

And if you want to take your loungewear gift to the next level, offer to give mom a day to read or a spa night in. This can help to create a wonderful experience for her and provide the rest and relaxation she really deserves.

Tips for Making Your Mom’s Day

Some of the most meaningful gifts for mom are the ones that really come from the heart—and that can mean making it yourself. This can also be helpful for last-minute ideas or when you just can’t think of something she’d really want.

Here are some of the top ways for kids to make mom’s day this Valentine’s:

Write a Thoughtful Card

Show mom just how awesome she is with a handwritten and personalized card. You can write a poem or lyrics to a song that makes you think of her and her favorite colors and flowers.

Roses are traditional for Valentine’s, but you can shake it up with the flower of her birth month. A thoughtful card is one of those personalized gifts she’s sure to treasure for a long time to come.

Matching “Mom and Me” Outfits

Here at PixieLane, we love how clothing and fashion can bring a family together. That’s why we carry a collection of Mommy and Me outfits for moms and kids. If strictly matching isn’t your aesthetic, we have a collection of Mommy and Me separates to express individual style while remaining cohesive.

You’ll make treasured Valentine’s Day memories with mom in cute Mommy and Me matching outfits. Plan a photoshoot in the yard or take spontaneous pictures throughout the day. The memories you make in your matching sets are a gift she’ll never forget.

Love the photos? Use them in a card for next year’s Valentine’s Day gift!

Make Her Favorite Meal

Nothing says I love you like a home-cooked meal. You know what mom likes most, so pick up some ingredients and create a dish she’s sure to enjoy. Even if you’re still learning how to cook, there are simple recipes you can try to show your love and to give mom a break from the kitchen.

And if you’re really nervous around the stove, consider a picnic meal instead, with fruits, cheese and crackers, and a box of chocolates. It’s a sweet treat and a great chance to spend some quality holiday time together.

Surprise Her With Flowers

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple for a reason. They’re a lovely way to bring some color into the home in the middle of winter, and they can show mom just how much you care. Don’t forget to take the extra step of arranging them in water, so she can appreciate them all week long.

The Best Gifts for Every Day of the Year

Valentine’s Day is just one day of the year, but you can show mom how much you care every day. Help her around the house without being asked, engage in fun conversations, or take adventures and plan activities together.

Moms love spending time with their kids, and what’s better than making memories? You don’t need a holiday to show someone they’re important to you!

Plan Your Next Valentine’s Day

Here at PixieLane, we make it easy to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for moms and kids. Whether you’re looking for an outfit for the dance or you want to pick out a gift mom is sure to love, we’ve got you covered.

Explore our growing collection of unique and exciting holiday gifts like loungewear, cute outfits, accessories and bags, and a whole lot more. And, of course, we’re sharing ideas and guides for DIY-ing something exceptional, like heartfelt notes and homemade meals.

PixieLane is the clothing and lifestyle team you can trust for special events, holidays, and everydays. Pick out your favorite pieces for moms and kids from our collection today.


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