Mother’s Day Gifts: Letting Mom Know You Care

Bridget Reed
Mon Apr 11, 2022

Mother’s Day Gifts: Letting Mom Know You Care

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to thank your mom, grandma, or mother figure for all the important and caring work they do throughout the year. It’s a way of acknowledging and celebrating what makes them treasured and sharing great gifts to show just how much you care.

Here at PixieLane, we have the Mother’s Day gift guide you can rely on. You’ll find comfortable and stylish clothes for the whole family, as well as inspiration for holidays and events. Explore our refreshing collection and pick up the gift box-ready items for the very precious mama in your life this year.

Great Gifts for Any Mom

You have lots of gift options and ideas to pick from when it comes to Mother’s Day celebrations — and it can be challenging to know where to start. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for mom, you want to pick out something personal and specific to her interests.

Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas.

A Cozy Blanket

A cozy blanket is always a good idea. It’s perfect for those rare moments when she can settle down and read or for family movie nights with loved ones. Pair a cozy blanket with candles and slippers for the perfect self-care basket this Mother’s Day.

Since this essential is available in so many different materials and designs, you can really customize the look to mom’s specific style and preference.

Mommy and Me Matching Leggings

This Mother’s Day, match with mom. Here at PixieLane, we carry a wide inventory of Mommy and Me pieces and styles, including matching leggings. Pick out a pattern you know mom is going to treasure, and then hit the town in matching fashion.

Want to make this gift even more special? Set up a little photo shoot in the yard or at the park so you can show off your matching look. Set this photo in a picture frame and always remember when you were dressed like best friends forever.

A Stylish Cross-Body Bag

Busy moms need a purse that can keep up, and a stylish cross-body bag is the perfect fit. You can find them in different sizes and styles, and there are many ways to customize and stylize the bag, so mom loves it.

Pick a cross-body bag that makes it easy for mom to carry everything she needs for a day out with the family, from her gadgets or picking up last-minute groceries. She’ll appreciate a useful and stylish gift that she’ll love to tote around.

A Personalized Mug

Embrace and celebrate mom’s personality with personalized gifts you know she’ll cherish. You can put photos of the family, a cute and unique saying, or even a little kid drawing that will make her smile.

A personalized coffee mug is just one of those thoughtful gifts, and there are many reasons for it. Not only will it show creativity and love to make something one-of-a-kind, but you can also fill it with treats and goodies mom enjoys.

Add a DIY touch by filling it with savory snacks like pretzels or chocolate if she has a sweet tooth. To embrace the theme, you can also pair a personalized mug with high-quality teas or coffees.

Not a coffee drinker? No prob. Try a personalized water bottle that will remind her how much you love her (while reminding her to hydrate).

Modern Tops and Jumpsuits

Does your mom love comfortable and stylish clothes? Consider gifting a modern top or chic jumpsuit this Mother’s Day. You can find stylish tops in different colors to fit her preference, and they pair well with different types of jewelry and accessories.

Jumpsuits are a super comfortable way to look stylish and trendy without a lot of time. The top and bottom pieces are connected for a seamless look, and they dress up and down easily, so mom can wear them for a lot of different events and occasions.

Tips for Making Your Mom Feel Special

Of course, it’s not all about the best Mother’s Day gifts. It’s also about making sure mom feels celebrated on Mother’s Day.

These tips and steps can help you show mom all the love and appreciation you feel for her every day:

Write Your Mom a Card

One of the best gifts you can share with mom on Mother’s Day is a personalized card. Make the card at home with the materials you already have on hand, and feature her favorite images and styles to really make it special.

In the card, write about how your mom makes you feel and how much you love and admire her. You can include song lyrics or lines from a poem, as well. Handwritten and personalized cards are the Mother’s Day gifts she’ll cherish for years to come.

Gift cards have nothing on the hand-written version!

Take Your Mom on a Trip

This Mother’s Day, take an adventure. Maybe there’s a museum or show mom’s been wanting to see, or maybe she’s into the great outdoors. Consider planning a trip that centers on the things you know she loves. New York? Disneyland? Why not both?

To start, this is a great way for you to spend time together and create beautiful memories this holiday.

It’s Mother’s Day– Pamper Your Mom!

It’s hard — but rewarding! — work to be a mom. That’s why Mother’s Day is the perfect time for some dedicated pampering and wellness treatments.

Plus, there’s no need to splurge to create the perfect Mother’s Day. You can plan a spa day at home with high-quality bath salts and skincare gift sets, bath bombs, and soft and cozy loungewear. You can also treat mom to a day at the spa with a manicure and pedicure.

Of course, one good way to pamper mom is to cook or bake her something handmade. Make her favorite meal or sweets and bring them to her in bed. No matter how you pamper mom, you want it to reflect her wonderful personality and all the things that make her loved.

PixieLane Has Something for Every Mom

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to share gifts and experiences with the mother figure in your life. It’s a chance to celebrate her and to share love and precious memories with family, and there are many ways to make your Mother’s Day festivities personal — including the gifts.

You want your unique Mother’s Day gifts to reflect the important mom in your life. Consider luxe blankets, matching leggings, and personalized mugs with a little creative touch. Make her smile with a handwritten card, a family trip, or a spa day. Your mom is the apple of your eye, and it’s easy to let her know.

No matter how you choose to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day, PixieLane has your back. We carry matching Mommy and Me styles, pajamas, and other fine options for a nice Mother’s Day out and so much more. We’re the team you can turn to for holiday gift guides, event inspiration, and everything fashion for families.

Find mom something she’ll enjoy and celebrate Mother’s Day in style with the support of PixieLane.



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