Family Photo Outfits: Seven Ideas & Outfit Tips

Bridget Reed
Mon Apr 11, 2022

Family Photo Outfits: Seven Ideas & Outfit Tips

Family photos are a way to capture special memories and spend quality time with loved ones. Parents and kids can flex their creativity and showcase their personalities, and you’re sure to love looking back on those wonderful days for years to come.

Here at PixieLane, we’ll match the whole family with outfits for every photo shoot. Whether you’re looking for fall family photo outfits or the perfect pieces for the holiday, we’ve got you covered. Explore our growing collection of Mommy and Me outfits and mix and match pieces to create unique and timeless looks today.

Reasons To Have a Family Photoshoot

There are many exciting reasons to plan your next family photoshoot, no matter the season.

Here are just a few:

Mom Needs To Be in the Picture

Moms are always the ones taking the photos and recording the special memories. It’s time they were included!

When you hire a photographer for a family photo session, you’ll be able to focus on having a great time with the little ones and posing for memory-making shots. These are the family photos you’re sure to look back on for a long time to come.

Holiday Cards

Of course, family photos are perfect for holiday cards. While Christmas time is a classic, you can schedule a family photo session for any time of the year. Take spring shots for Easter, a spooky Halloween look, or something summery for the Fourth of July.

If you have a regular family newsletter, these creative and adorable pictures can be the perfect addition.

Try a Sweet and Funny “Mommy and Me” Photoshoot

It’s easy to begin planning the next Mommy and Me photoshoot right here at PixieLane. Not only do we carry collections perfect for matching, but we also have individual pieces and accessories in stand-out patterns and styles — stars, polka dots, and rainbow everything, just to name a few.

There are so many Mommy and Me pieces and outfits to pick from, including some of the following.

Wear Matching Jumpsuits or Dresses

You can’t go wrong in matching jumpsuits or dresses. Not only are they super comfortable and easy to move in, but you can find them in a wide range of styles and color schemes. Check out neutrals, primary colors, bright shades, and more, and pick out pieces that really represent you and your little one’s personalities.

Cozy Sets: Mix and Match

When it comes to holiday photos, you can’t go wrong with cozy. PJ pictures are a classic for a reason, and you can shoot them indoors by the Christmas tree or out in the snow with your boots and scarves. There is something about our little ones all cozy in their pajamas that warms our hearts like a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Get in the Sport Spirit

Sports-themed Mommy and Me photoshoots are the perfect opportunity to get goofy with your little ones. We especially love them for boy moms, who are often too busy chasing their little ones down to get that next great shot.

Don their favorite team’s colors or jerseys or take shots at the next ball game. The look is sure to be classic and cute every time.

Family Photo Shoot Tips and Tricks

Each family photoshoot will be different. After all, your family is unique and stand-out in their own way!

Here are some tips and tricks for achieving the perfect photos with your toddlers, kids, and teens every time:

Get Matching Tees for the Whole Family

We love a matching tee because it means you can all wear different pieces. You won’t have to worry about finding identical shirts, and it’s a way for each member of the family to express their personality and style.

Graphic tees work well with coordinating patterns or colors, and they provide plenty of comfort and range of movement. They also pair well with a plaid shirt, jacket, or even a blazer, for a more elevated look.

Do a Beach Getaway-Themed Photoshoot

What could be more exciting than a beach-themed getaway photoshoot? You don’t need to plan a whole adventure to capture sunshiny pictures the whole family will love. Instead, try planning a beach-themed photoshoot for a really unique take on the classics.

What do your kids love most about the beach? Let them pick out their family style of bathing suits and towels — and don’t forget the floppy hats! Top it all off with the perfect pair of sunglasses in a color or shape they’ll want to wear all season long.

How Do You Do a Holiday Photoshoot?

Of course, holiday photoshoots are classics for a reason. They’re perfect for holiday cards and gifts for grandma and grandpa. But how do you make your holiday photos really stand out?

One way to have a blast with your photoshoot during the chilly time of year is with ugly sweaters. You can find them here at PixieLane or spend the day making your own with the kids. Ugly sweaters are sure to make you laugh, and the photos will be a funny memory for a long time to come.

Of course, you can always dress in your toastiest warm winter clothes and head out into the snow. Pick a seasonal color palette that matches the surroundings and shows off all the fun of that chilly winter weather. You can play in the snow, sled down the hill, or enjoy a winter fire in your hats and gloves.

And when it comes to festive backgrounds, the holidays can’t be beat. Whether you love those indoor family photos by the fireplace or it’s all about the snow-capped mountains in the background, the photos are sure to be unique, personal, and oh-so-special.

How To Get Your Kids To Sit Still for Photos

Getting the little ones to sit still for a photo shoot can be a little challenging, but there are many fantastic options for catching those perfect shots.

Older kids often respond well to the promise of a reward for good behavior. Let them know they’ll get a treat or a little special something if they sit still throughout the shoot.

When it comes to babies, movement and color can often do the trick. Dangle something shiny or noise-making in front of them to really capture the joyful expression on their face.

And, of course, you can always lean into the goofiness. Family photos are a way to capture the essence and personality of your special unit. If they just can’t sit still, embrace the goofiness and go for active and silly final photos instead.

Get Those Photos Done In a Snap

Parents are sure to love looking at their family photos for years to come. Whether you’ve picked a holiday theme, beach theme, or a Mommy and Me photo shoot, the final look will be special and unique to you and a chance to capture those important moments in your little one’s life.

And you can find the perfect outfit for your next family photo shoot right here at PixieLane. Explore our growing collection of mix and match pieces that parents and kids will really like, and start putting together your next seasonal look today. The only question is, what family photo shoot theme will you try out first?


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