Baby Boy Summer Clothes: How To Shop For Kids

Bridget Reed
Thu Oct 28, 2021

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Whether the weather is cooling down or there’s sunshine overhead, there are fun and unique ways to dress your little ones for the season so they can stay comfortable, cool, and protected from the elements. Even when the summer days come to an end, there are still some great benefits of dressing your kids in cute summer clothes for those warm fall nights.

PixieLane is here to help you find the perfect baby boy clothes for any time of the year.

Here are some of our top picks for summer:  

How Should I Dress My Baby Boy for Summer?

We love watermelon and sunshine, but it’s important to take some precautions during those hot summer days to keep your little one cool and safe.

Discover some simple steps you can take when dressing your babies for summer:

Sun Protection

Sun protection is essential for kids big and small—and parents too, of course. While sunscreen can be a helpful tool for protecting your little one from sunburns and more serious health complications, sun-protective fabrics are often more effective.

They’re also a better option if your child isn’t old enough for sunscreen. Hats, long-sleeve shirts, and long pants can all help to keep your little one safe in the sun.

Super Soft Fabric

And they’ll stay cool while staying safe, thanks to super soft and light fabrics. Light fabrics are made out of breathable materials that will keep your little one protected from the sun without them feeling overheated. Super soft fabrics are also a great option for little boys with sensitive skin.

Adorable Styles

Summer is chock full of fun and adorable styles for your little boy. Find styles and pieces that are easy to change when they get wet by the pool or covered in fruit, cute outfits for ball games and fireworks, or even chic styles for summer weddings and family events.

How Do I Know What Size to Buy for My Baby?

It may feel like our babies are growing bigger every day, so how do we know which size is best for our baby boy’s needs? Here are a few things to consider when picking out the best sizes for your child.


Age is a good starting point for picking out your child’s clothing size, but it’s not the only thing to consider. Children can be different sizes at different ages, but this can help you to find the general area of what pieces will fit your baby boy best.


Of course, your baby’s measurements are one of the most helpful tools to have on hand when it comes to purchasing the next piece for your baby boy this summer. Consider your baby’s height and weight to find that comfortable fit every time.

Size Charts

It’s no secret that sizing guides aren’t exactly consistent. Due to the long history of changing vanity sizes, women struggle to know what size they are when shopping at a range of different stores. Luckily, shopping for kids’ clothing is a little easier than shopping for adults because vanity sizing isn’t nearly as prevalent. 

The best way to find clothes for your little one is by looking at every site’s specific sizes. Keeping a notepad by your desk or a note on your phone with their sizes is super helpful. This way, you don’t have to pull out the measuring tape every time you look to buy your baby boy a new clothing staple. These measurements translate the measurements into the correct size for your child. 

It’s important to note that most American, British, and Australian brands base clothing sizes on age, while the majority of European countries use height to determine size guides. If your child is between sizes, generally pick the larger size so that they have room to grow.

What Are the Best Baby Boy Styles for Summer? 

Once you’ve determined the perfect size for your little boy, it’s time to pick out those great summer styles that they—and you!—are sure to love.

Here are some of the best baby boy styles for summer that even transition well into the fall season.


Camo is a famous print and has always been cute on little boys, and it works wonderfully as either a full outfit or an accessory like sunglasses or shoes. Camo is also a great option for little boys who get a little messy.

The dark colors hide stains easily, and you won’t need to worry about carrying that extra, extra outfit. Camo is also available in many different shades and styles, so you can pick your little one’s favorite colors, and it matches well with neutrals and cute tees.


Wild boys deserve a wild look, and what’s more summer camp fun than tie-dye shirts, pants, and shoes? Tie-dye can be fun in just about any color, and there are many ways to mix and match your little one’s tie-dye for different occasions.

Tie-dye patterns are traditionally on white shirts, which is helpful for keeping your little one cool.

Matching Sets

You won’t have to worry about creating the perfect outfit when you have a matching set, and with so many different options to pick from, there’s a style you and your little one are going to want to turn to time and again.

Pick out a few matching sets and mix them up or match your little one to their siblings for cute family photos and memories every time.

Graphic Tees

Share your baby’s personality with the world when you pick out cute and fun graphic looks that totally talk to them. Graphic tees can be adorable, funny, or personal, and there’s a graphic tee for any type of kid, especially when it comes to the summer holidays and events. What’s cuter than your smiling baby boy wearing a big smiling face on his favorite tee?

Fun in the Summer Sun

Summer is a fun and exciting time to dress your babies since there are cute holidays and lots of opportunities for events and activities. There are many ways to get started with looks like camo, tie-dye, graphic tees, and more, and you can protect your baby with sun-safe and comfortable clothes every time.

When you’re ready to begin exploring all the best options available for your baby boy’s wardrobe this summer, check out PixieLane to get started. Take a look at our growing catalog of cute summer baby boy clothes and begin planning that next family adventure.



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